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Approval by the College Board’s Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) is required before students can take the SAT, SAT Subject Tests, PSAT/NMSQT, PSAT 10, or AP Exams with accommodations.

Most students work with their schools to submit requests. Schools submit the request online through the SSD Online Disability Accommodation Management system (SSD Online).

Because the College Board process includes a thorough review of all information provided, it can take approximately seven weeks. See the Calendar for deadlines related to College Board test dates.

Requests for accommodations submitted by the student’s school should follow this process:

  1. Before requesting accommodations, each school designates an SSD Coordinator who requests access to SSD Online. Learn more about Getting Access to SSD Online.
  2. A parent or guardian signs the Parent Consent Form (.pdf/194KB) and gives it to the school’s SSD Coordinator or school counselor. If the student is age 18 or older, the student signs the form. The school keeps the form for its records. (In some cases, the student’s school may use an alternate consent process instead of the College Board form.)
  3. The SSD Coordinator opens a request for accommodations using SSD Online and enters contact information for the student as well as information regarding the student’s disability, requested accommodations, and formal plan. See Submitting Requests Online for details. 
  4. After the request is submitted, SSD Online displays a message stating whether documentation must also be submitted. If so, the SSD Coordinator assembles documentation and checks it against the recommendations for the particular disability and for the requested accommodations. Learn more about Providing Documentation.
  5. The SSD Coordinator submits any required documentation to SSD by uploading the documentation to SSD Online. The SSD Online request and all documentation must be submitted to the College Board by the SSD deadline to ensure a decision in time for an exam.
  6. SSD reviews all information thoroughly. In addition to being reviewed by qualified internal staff, the request may be sent to a panel of qualified external reviewers (for example, psychologists, doctors, and visual experts, as appropriate).
    The SSD Coordinator can sign into SSD Online at any time to view the status of the request. 
  7. The student and SSD Coordinator are notified when a decision is made. If accommodations are approved, the decision letter includes an eligibility letter, containing test-by-test details. The decision and eligibility letters also include the student's SSD number, which is needed for SAT registration.
    The SSD Coordinator sign into SSD Online to read the decision letter.

Families can also submit requests without the involvement of their school by requesting a paper Student Eligibility Form from their school or SSD. However, when families work with their schools to apply online, they usually save time and get a faster response.

See Submitting Accommodations Requests Without Your School for instructions. When students and families apply without the help of their school, documentation must always be submitted to the College Board for review.