Requesting Without Going Through the School

Although most families request accommodations through the school, it is also possible to submit a request directly to SSD. This usually happens when:

  • A student is homeschooled
  • A family does not wish to involve the school
  • A school is unable to access SSD Online


  • Be sure accommodations are needed.

    College Board tests are administered in a structured, quiet setting. It is important to consider how the student functions in this type of environment. Accommodations appropriate for school or home may not be needed on a College Board test.

    See About Accommodations.

  • Start early.

    Know your dates and deadlines. SSD reviews every request and its accompanying documentation thoroughly, so processing can take up to seven weeks.


    Know Your Dates and Deadlines

    If a request is not submitted in time, accommodations might not be approved and in place in time for test day. Check the calendar for this year’s test dates and deadlines.

  • Fill out the student eligibility form.

    Print out and complete the Student Eligibility Form and begin gathering documentation. (Remember that this form is a request for accommodations—it is not a test registration.)

    For questions—or if you are unable to print out a form—contact SSD, and a paper Student Eligibility Form will be mailed to you.

  • Read documentation guidelines carefully.

    Documentation is always required to be submitted when a paper Student Eligibility Form is used.

  • Mail or fax the completed form and documentation to SSD.

    The Student Eligibility Form should be mailed or faxed with all the relevant documentation. Incomplete requests will not be approved, and any new requests will mean the start of another seven-week approval process.

  • SSD notifies the SSD coordinator and student when a decision has been made.

    If the SSD coordinator does not have access to SSD Online, the school will be notified of approved accommodations by postal mail. The student usually receives notice of all decisions via postal mail. If you need a copy of your decision letter, contact SSD Customer Service.

    If accommodations are approved, the decision letter also has an eligibility letter with test-by-test details. The decision and eligibility letters include the student's eligibility code, which is needed for SAT registration.