How to Access the SSD Online Dashboard

To access SSD Online, the school must designate an SSD coordinator to be responsible for testing accommodations for College Board exams.

SSD coordinators are usually special education coordinators, guidance directors, or school counselors. Schools may have more than one SSD coordinator, but each must be registered.

Sign in to your SSD Online dashboard.


  1. Use your College Board professional account and sign in.

    Create a College Board professional account if you don’t already have one by using the link below.

  2. Fax your completed SSD coordinator form to SSD.

    You will receive an email from SSD notifying you that access has been provided.

  3. Log in to SSD Online.

    You should now see your organization and position (SSD Coordinator) under the Your Access heading. Click Finished, then click SSD Online - Student Supports and Accommodations Management. Contact Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) if you have any questions.