Reopen Denied Requests Online

Sign in to your SSD Online dashboard.

If a student’s request for accommodations is denied, then the decision letter will contain an explanation for that denial. To reopen a denied request and add documentation, locate the student’s name on your dashboard. Click on the student’s name to get to the Student Profile page. Then, click on New Request in the upper right-hand corner.


What are my options if a request is denied?

Your next step depends in part on the explanation provided in your decision letter. You may need to supply additional documentation. Speak to your SSD Coordinator to determine whether submission of more documentation is appropriate. Learn more at When a Request Is Denied.

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How long does it take to reopen a denied request?

Reopening a denied request—and submitting new or additional documentation—usually initiates another review process, which may take up to seven weeks.

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How to Provide Documentation

Learn the seven basic criteria for documentation and find documentation guidelines listed by accommodation and/or by disability.


When a Request Is Denied

If a request for testing accommodations has not been fully approved, the decision letter from the College Board will explain why. What you do next depends in part on that explanation.