Submitting Requests Online

Although only SSD coordinators can use SSD Online, parents and students will benefit when they work with the school to request accommodations. Follow these steps to submit a request for accommodations through SSD Online.

Sign in to your SSD Online dashboard.


  1. Collect all the appropriate paperwork.

    Print a Parent Consent Form (.pdf/312 KB) and verify that you have all other records related to the student’s disability. These may include but are not limited to:

    • IEP/504/Formal plan
    • History of receiving accommodations for classroom tests
    • Records relating to the student’s disability, such as psychoeducational evaluation or medical records

    Note: The student’s school may use an alternate consent process instead of the College Board form.

  2. Sign in to create an online request.

    To create an online request, sign in to SSD Online and click New Accommodation in the top-left corner of the dashboard. On the next screen, select College Board Accommodation and click Continue. Type the name of the student you are adding. Select a student from the list or select Student not listed or Add a new student and click Continue.

  3. Answer a series of questions.

    You will be asked a series of questions about the student’s demographic information, disability, requested accommodations, and school plan. At the end of each screen, click Continue to proceed to the next page.

  4. Review and verify your request.

    Before verifying and submitting your request, you will be informed if you need to submit documentation for College Board review. Once you have answered all required questions, you will be asked to review and verify the request.

    Check the box next to Agree and Continue to submit your request. Then you will see a notification at the bottom of the screen that your request was submitted.

  5. Submit required documentation.

    If documentation is required for review, you can submit it by clicking Select Files to Upload. If you wish to add more than one file, select Select Files to Upload again. Then click Continue.


    How to Provide Documentation

    Learn the seven basic criteria for documentation and find documentation guidelines listed by accommodation and/or by disability.