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If you’re an educator without access to SSD Online, see Getting Access to SSD Online.

Before You Submit a Request

  1. Print out a Parent Consent Form and ask the parent to sign it (or the student, if over 18). You will need to verify that you have signed consent on file at your school before submitting a request for accommodations. (In some cases, the student’s school may use an alternate consent process instead of the College Board form.)
  2. Gather all records related to the student’s disability and requested accommodations (e.g., IEP/504/Formal Plan, history of receiving accommodations, psychoeducational evaluation).

Creating an Online Request

  1. Sign in to SSD Online. 
  2. Click New Accommodations Request in the top left corner of the dashboard. On the next screen, click College Board Approved Accommodation.
  3. To request accommodations for a new student, enter the student’s first and last name, select the school (if requested), and select Search. You may see a list of students display on your screen. If College Board has a record of students that match the information you provided and are associated with your school, their name will appear in the list. Select the correct student from the list, and select Continue.
  4. If you do not see the student listed, select Student Not Listed and Continue.
  5. Answer questions about the student’s demographic information and select Continue
  6. Make sure that you have the information that will be needed to complete the request process and confirm that you have parent/guardian consent.
  7. Answer a series of questions about the student’s disability, requested accommodations, and school plan. At the end of each screen, click Continue.
    As you proceed through each of the four main sections of the request—Disability, Accommodations, School Plan, and Review & Submit— a status bar at the top left of the screen will indicate your progress.
  8. You’ll be informed if you need to submit documentation for College Board review. Documentation requirements vary depending on the nature of the student’s disability and the requested accommodations. Once you’ve answered all required questions, you’ll be asked to review and verify the accommodations request.
  9. If documentation is required for review, submit the documentation online by clicking Select Files to Upload. If you wish to add more than one file, click Select Files to Upload again.
  10. Click the check box next to Agree and Continue to submit your request. You will see a notification at the bottom of the screen that your request was submitted.

    Check your dashboard to see the student’s status or to read the decision letter. Go to the dashboard and click on the student’s name to get to the Student Profile page. You will see the decision letters on the top right of the Student Profile Page. Most students receive a letter by postal mail explaining the approved accommodations or the reasons for denial. Some students may receive an email instead of a letter.