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If you’re an educator without access to SSD Online, see Getting Access to SSD Online.

Before You Submit a Request

  1. Print out a Parent Consent Form and ask the parent to sign it (or the student, if over 18). You will need to verify that you have signed consent on file at your school before submitting a request for accommodations. (In some cases, the student’s school may use an alternate consent process instead of the College Board form.)
  2. Gather all records related to the student’s disability and requested accommodations (e.g., IEP/504/Formal Plan, history of receiving accommodations, psychoeducational evaluation).

Creating an Online Request

  1. Sign in to SSD Online. 
  2. Click Submit Accommodations Request in the top right corner of the dashboard. A screen titled Before You Begin will open. Read the information provided and click Continue to proceed.
  3. Answer the questions asking whether a prior request for accommodations has been submitted for this student and about his or her transfer status. Click Continue to proceed.
  4. If you answer “No” to both questions, you’ll be shown a series of screens with questions about the student’s demographic information, disability, requested accommodations, and available documentation. At the end of each screen, click Save & Continue to go to the next page or Save & Exit to return to the form later.

    As you proceed through each of the four main sections of the request— Student Details, Disability, Accommodations, and Documentation — a status bar at the top of the screen will indicate your progress.

    Follow the instructions provided in each of the four sections carefully in order to successfully complete the request. After answering all questions, you’ll have the opportunity to edit the form. Note: Once you submit the request, you won’t be able to edit that information yourself. You’ll need to submit documentation to explain the changes you would like to make or call SSD customer service at (212) 713-8333.
  5. Should you decide to click Save & Exit in order to complete the request later, you can return to edit mode by going to the dashboard and selecting Options next to the student’s name and choosing Edit Request from the drop-down menuYou can also delete the request entirely by selecting Delete Case from the same menu.
  6. You’ll be informed if you need to submit documentation for College Board review. Documentation requirements vary depending on the nature of the student’s disability and the requested accommodations. Once you’ve answered all required questions, you’ll be asked to review and verify the accommodations request.
  7. Click the check box next to “Check to confirm acceptance of this statement” to submit your request.
  8. Click Submit.
  9. If documentation is required for review, choose one of these options:
    • Submit the documentation online by selecting Upload Documentation Now. Only PDFs can be uploaded. Click Add Document (pdf) to select a corresponding .pdf file for each requirement. Click Done when you have supplied all documentation.
    • Fax documentation or send it by postal mail by selecting Fax Documentation Now. Print the cover sheet and fax it along with the requested documentation to 866-360-0114, or mail the cover letter and documents to College Board SSD Program at P.O. Box 7504, London, KY 40742-7504.  Note: It is strongly advised that you fax in documents instead of using postal mail, as it will ensure they will be received and processed more quickly to ensure all documents are associated to the correct case. A cover sheet must be used in all cases.
    • To submit documentation later, click Go Back to Dashboard. When ready to submit these documents, select Options next to the student’s name and choose Print Cover Sheet to fax or mail documents or Submit Documentation Online to upload the documents.
  10. You will receive an email when a decision is made. Check your dashboard to see the student’s status or to read the decision letter. Go to the dashboard and select View Decision Letter from the Options drop-down menu to the right of the student’s name.
  11. Most students receive a letter by postal mail explaining the approved accommodations or the reasons for denial. Students with a College Board My Organizer account who are registered for the SAT can view their decision letter by signing in to My Organizer. If the parent’s email is also associated with the student’s My Organizer account, the student and parent receive an email when the decision letter is available, not a letter.