Requesting Through the School

Most requests for accommodations are made through the school because the process is easier and more efficient:

  • The school’s SSD coordinator knows the submission deadlines and can access SSD Online
  • Working with your school reduces paperwork for the families


  1. Contact the school’s SSD coordinator.

    As soon as a student knows that they will need accommodations for a College Board exam, they should contact the school’s SSD coordinator.

  2. Sign the Parent Consent Form.

    Before the rest of the application can be processed, the student’s parent or guardian must sign the Parent Consent Form. (If the student is over age 18, then the student signs the form.)

  3. The SSD coordinator opens a request in SSD Online.

    The SSD coordinator enters contact information, requested accommodations, information about the student’s disability, and information about any formal accommodations plan. In most cases, if the student is requesting the same accommodations used in an IEP, 504, or other formal, school-based plan, then no additional information is needed.

  4. SSD Online indicates whether documentation is needed.

    If documentation is needed, the SSD coordinator assembles and checks the documentation against SSD guidelines, then submits it through SSD Online.


    How to Provide Documentation

    Learn the seven basic criteria for documentation and find documentation guidelines listed by accommodation and/or by disability.

  5. SSD sends notice of the decision.

    The SSD coordinator can read the decision in SSD Online. The student usually receives notice via postal mail. If you need a copy of your decision letter, contact SSD Customer Service.

    If accommodations are approved, the decision letter also has an eligibility letter with test-by-test details. The decision and eligibility letters include the student's eligibility code, which is needed for SAT registration.