Filling Out the Request for Temporary Assistance Form

This form should be used only to request testing support for students with temporary impairments (caused by injury, accident, etc.) who cannot postpone their tests. Use for the SAT and AP Exams.

Download the Request for Temporary Assistance form.


  1. A school official completes part one.

    Usually the school’s SSD coordinator will download the form and complete part one. Or the family can download the form and send it to the school.

  2. The family completes part two.

    This information can be completed by the parent or guardian—or the student if the student is over 18.

  3. A doctor completes part three.

    Part three should be completed by a doctor and include the doctor’s contact information, specialty, and signature.

  4. A teacher completes part four.

    This section should be completed by a teacher familiar with the student’s current classroom needs.

  5. Fax or mail the completed form to College Board at the number or address printed on the form.

    As soon as the condition has been verified by a doctor, send the completed form to College Board. Do not submit through SSD Online. College Board will process temporary support forms as quickly as possible.

  6. The SSD coordinator receives a reply from College Board.

    The reply may be sent by either email or fax. Please note that if students use extended testing time or any other testing support without first receiving written authorization from College Board’s Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD), their test scores will be invalid.