Making Changes to Your Accommodation

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Please remember that any change takes time to process.

When Making a Change or Update

A change or update to an accommodations request is best made by an SSD coordinator using SSD Online. Otherwise, you will need to submit an Accommodations Change Request form along with other necessary paperwork.

When Requesting Additional or Different Accommodations

Please provide supporting documentation for your request.

When a Student No Longer Wants Accommodations

Students who are approved for accommodations but want to test without them must notify their school before test day and submit the statement as early as possible. The student should specify whether they want the accommodation removed permanently or only for a specific test. No additional documentation is necessary.


Is documentation required to remove an accommodation?

No. But the student should notify the school before test day. Students under age 18 will need a signed consent from a parent or guardian.

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How to Provide Documentation

Learn the seven basic criteria for documentation and find documentation guidelines listed by accommodation and/or by disability.