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Most families choose to request College Board accommodations through their school — instead of using the paper Student Eligibility Form. Here’s why:

  1. Online submission: Authorized educators at your school, called SSD Coordinators, can use SSD Online to request accommodations.
  2. Online guidance: SSD Online walks SSD Coordinators through the process of requesting accommodations, alerts them to what kind of documentation is required, and lets them know when documentation must be sent to the College Board for review.
  3. Streamlined process: While families using the paper form must always submit documentation to the College Board for review, SSD Coordinators must do so only rarely.
  4. Convenience: When documentation has to be submitted to the College Board, SSD Coordinators can submit it online.
  5. Experience: Your school’s SSD Coordinator has probably been through the College Board accommodations request process before with other students.