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To take AP Exams with accommodations, students with documented disabilities must request accommodations from College Board’s Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD).

Taking AP Exams with Accommodations

Students who wish to take an AP Exam with accommodations must receive College Board approval before the AP Exam ordering deadline — and it can take about seven weeks for an accommodations request to be processed. That’s why all documentation should be submitted no later than mid-January. For this school year’s exact deadline, view the Calendar

Already Approved by SSD?

If you’ve already been approved by SSD to take the PSAT/NMSQT, PSAT 10, or AP Exams with accommodations, you don’t need to submit a second request.

Students approved for College Board accommodations should speak to their AP Coordinator, SSD Coordinator, or school counselor well in advance of the exam to make sure their school knows that they will be taking AP Exams with accommodations.

Learn what to expect on AP Exams

Students sign up for and take AP Exams at school. Students should bring their Eligibility Letter from the College Board to every exam. 

Extended Time on AP Exams

Bring Your Letter

Remember to bring your SSD Eligibility Letter with you on test day.

Under standard testing conditions, most AP Exams take two to three hours to complete. Extended time accommodations are typically for time and one-half (+50%) or double time (+100%) additional testing time.

When students are approved by the College Board for extended time, they’re approved in some or all of five competencies (reading, mathematical calculation, written expression, listening, and speaking). AP Exam takers receive extended time only for exams or sections utilizing the competencies in which they are approved.

See Extended Time Accommodation for more information.

Extra and Extended Breaks

Under standard testing conditions, most AP Exams include a 10-minute break between the two sections. Students with disabilities can be approved by the College Board for different types of breaks:

  • Breaks: Extra: Details are provided in the AP Coordinator’s Manual.
  • Breaks: Extended: Students break at the same point as nondisabled test-takers but for a longer period.
  • Breaks:As needed: Students may break at any time during the exam for as long as needed, within reason.

See Extra and Extended Breaks for more information.

Alternate Test Formats

Braille, large print, and Assistive Technology Compatible (ATC) test formats are available for students who are approved for these accommodations.  If you are approved for a format larger than 20 point font, please contact Services for Students with Disabilities as early as possible to notify us that you will be testing. 

The Assistive Technology Compatible Test Form is available for most AP exams. If you are approved for MP3 Audio, you will be provided a reader for the AP unless another accommodation is requested. Speak to your SSD Coordinator or counselor, or contact the Services for Students with Disabilities, if you have questions.

Testing Without Accommodations

Students who are approved for accommodations but want to test without them must notify their school before test day. Students under 18 must provide the school with a signed parental consent accepting this change.