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If a request for testing accommodations has not been fully approved, the student’s decision letter from the College Board will explain why. What you do next depends in part on that explanation. 

Accommodation requests that are not fully approved generally fall into one of three categories:

  • More information is needed before the request can be approved.
  • The documentation does not support the requested accommodations.
  • The request has been partially approved.

When the College Board reviews accommodation requests, all requested accommodations — and, in appropriate cases, related accommodations — are considered. Requesting a lesser amount of extended time without additional documentation will not change the decision of Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD).

More Information Needed

If the decision letter asks for more information, families and schools should work together to gather the necessary documentation and submit it to SSD.

Documentation Does Not Support Accommodation

If the decision letter states that the documentation submitted did not support the need for the requested accommodations and if you have information that was not previously provided, submit the new documentation to the College Board for review.

Partial Approval

If only some of the accommodations you requested were provided, it is because SSD determined — after careful consideration — that they are enough to effectively accommodate the student's disability. If you believe that the approved accommodations are not sufficient, submit new documentation to the College Board to support the need for the denied accommodations. Before resubmitting, however, consider whether the approved accommodation(s) are sufficient.