Temporary Medical Conditions

Download the Request for Temporary Assistance form.

In most cases, students with temporary conditions, such as illness or injury, should reschedule their test date for a time after they have healed. Common examples include sprains, broken bones, surgery, and postsurgical recovery.

Only certain situations and circumstances will be approved for test support. Examples of students who may be eligible include:

  • Injured high school seniors taking the SAT. SAT takers in other grades must reregister; to learn how, contact SSD.
  • AP Exam takers whose impairment will not be resolved by the late testing dates. To order alternate exams for other temporarily impaired students, AP coordinators should go to Test Ordering Services.

Review the Request for Temporary Assistance Form to learn how to complete the form and submit a request.

In rare circumstances, a longstanding physical condition may be considered a disability (such as an injury causing extensive limitations or lasting longer than one year). In that case, assistance should be made under the regular accommodations request process.