Documentation Guidelines: Assistive Technology

Assistive technology can be requested to accommodate various types of issues or disabilities: medical/physical, learning disabilities, visual, or hearing.

The assistive technology–compatible (ATC) format is a read-only digital test form that does not allow for recording of answers in digital form. It is often requested for use with a screen reader; however, an ATC format can be used as a stand-alone accommodation to view the test on a computer screen.

All ATC requests should document:

  • The student’s disability
  • Demonstrate functional impairment related to the disability
  • A detailed description of the requested assistive technology, including the names, version numbers, and features of the assistive technology
  • How and when it will be used, what functions it will be used for on College Board tests, and what functions will be disabled

Please note, when using assistive technology, you cannot have access to the internet, your smart phone, or similar technology. Unless otherwise specified, Bluetooth must be turned off. All unapproved aids are not allowed and must be disabled. You may not use any software or applications during the test that have not been approved by College Board.



About Accommodations: Assistive Technology

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How to Request Accommodations

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