Assistive Technology

Learn the easiest, most efficient way to request accommodations for a College Board test.

Students who require assistive technology must request each device or software separately. Once approved, this technology can be used during College Board testing.

When taking the digital SAT, digital PSAT-related assessments, or a digital AP exam, all test-takers can use universal tools for which accommodation requests or approvals are not needed (e.g., zoom function, color contrast, highlight function, Desmos calculator, and ability to expand a passage/test item). See for more information about accommodations.

If you are requesting a screen reader or dictation software please see Reading and Seeing Accommodations for more information about screen reader/text-to-speech and Recording Responses for more information about dictation/speech-to-text for digital tests.


Disabilities may include learning disabilities, visual disabilities, physical disabilities, or others that impair the ability to take a College Board test.

Please provide a detailed description of the assistive technology, including the names, version numbers, and what functions you intend to use. Some examples may include:

  • Medical devices
  • Electronic magnifying machine
  • Electronic or talking calculator
  • Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)


Because of issues related to test security, not all technology used in school may be appropriate for use during College Board testing. For example:

  • When using assistive technology, you may not be connected to any network.
  • For digital tests, some assistive technology may require specific configuration prior to testing.
  • All unapproved aids are not allowed and must be disabled.
  • You may not use any additional functions or software during the test that have not been approved by College Board.



Documentation Guidelines: Assistive Technology

Guidelines for documenting a student’s need for assistive technology due to a disability.


Know Your Dates and Deadlines

If a request is not submitted in time, accommodations might not be approved and in place in time for test day. Check the calendar for this year’s test dates and deadlines.