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Most College Board exams include some scheduled breaks for all students. Many students with disabilities are approved to receive additional or longer breaks than those typically provided.

Details on Extra and Extended Breaks

Because the needs of students differ, different types of breaks are available:

  • Breaks: Extra meet the needs of most students who are approved for extra breaks. These breaks are a standard length (usually 5 minutes) and are given at scheduled times.
  • Breaks: Extended between sections or subjects are usually twice the standard time.
  • Breaks: As needed are given to some students with medical conditions. They are granted as requested by the student during the exam. Students notify their proctors by raising their hands, and the timing of the test pauses. When students are ready to continue, they again notify their proctors, and the timing continues.

Eligibility for Extra and Extended Breaks

Extra or extended breaks are appropriate for students who cannot test for an extended period of time and who need more breaks than those given to all test-takers. Often, students with physical or medical disabilities request breaks if they will need to test blood sugar, take medication, rest, or use the restroom. Some students with ADHD also find extra breaks helpful if they have difficulty focusing for extended periods.

Some students who request extended breaks will need additional accommodations, such as permission to eat or take medication or permission to test blood sugar. These must be requested specifically.

Approval for Extended Time May Include Approval for Extra Breaks

Students who are approved to test with extended time and who will take the SAT, the PSAT/NMSQT, or the PSAT 10 are also automatically approved to test with extra breaks.

Learn how to document requests for extra and extended breaks.