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In addition to submitting requests, SSD Coordinators can use SSD Online for the following tasks.

Go to the dashboard and view the left column titled “Status” next to the student’s name. There are seven possible statuses:

  • Not Submitted
  • Processing
  • Awaiting Documentation
  • Awaiting Information
  • In-Review
  • Reopened (In-Review)
  • Decided 

Click the student's name to see more detailed information about the request, including an activity history. 

If the status of your request is “Awaiting Documentation,” “In-Review,” or “Reopened (In-Review),” you might need to submit documentation. To submit documentation:

  1. Locate the student’s name on your dashboard.
  2. Select Options and choose Submit Documentation Online or — to fax or mail documentation — Print Cover Sheet.
  3. Follow the instructions for changing accommodations in the next section on this page.

When submitting additional information, keep the following points in mind:

  • To ensure correct processing of new documentation, always include the SSD cover sheet with the student's name and bar code when faxing or mailing items.
  • Submitting additional documentation for a pending request may delay processing, which begins on the date that documentation is complete and takes approximately seven weeks.

Note: It is strongly advised that you avoid unnecessary delay by faxing or uploading all documents instead of using postal mail.

SSD Coordinators can use SSD Online to change an accommodations request when the request status is “Decided.” Follow these steps: 

  1. Locate the student on your dashboard.
  2. Select Options and then Create Change Request from the drop-down menu.
  3. Print and complete the form, indicating which accommodations you wish to add or remove.
  4. Collect a parent or guardian signature (or the signature of the student if 18 or older).
  5. If you’re requesting additional accommodations, you’ll need to provide documentation. (Documentation is not required if the request is only to remove an accommodation.) You can fax supporting documentation with the form, send it by postal mail, or wait until the request has been reopened and use SSD Online to upload documentation. 

    To ensure correct processing when faxing SSD or sending items by postal mail, always use a system-generated cover sheet (which includes the student's printed name and bar code).

Go to the dashboard and view the Status column. If the status reads “Decided,” you can select View Decision Letter from the Options drop-down menu to the right of the student's name.

Locate the student’s name on your dashboard. Click Options and then Resubmit Request. Follow the instructions above for changing accommodations. Keep these points in mind:

  • Reopening a denied request — and submitting all documentation — initiates a new seven-week review process.
  • Submitting incomplete documentation delays the review process. Refer to the decision letter for examples of helpful documentation.
  • To ensure correct processing of new documentation, always include the SSD cover sheet with the student's name and bar code. 

Select Create Eligibility Roster in the top right corner and follow the instructions. Use the Print button on the top right and bottom right of the form page (not the browser's print function) to print the roster when finished. 

To create a NAR:

  1. Select Create Nonstandard Administration Report in the top right corner of the dashboard and select AP, PSAT/NMSQT, or SAT
  2. You will be prompted to select from a list of students with approved accommodations for that exam.
  3. Click Create Nonstandard Administration Report when you’ve finished selecting students. 
  4. A PDF will be generated. 

From the dashboard you can also select How to complete NARs in the top right corner of the page, should you require further instruction on completing NARs.

Note: Print NARs as close to test day as possible to capture all students with approved accommodations.

If you have a new transfer student who has already been approved by the College Board for testing accommodations, use SSD Online to record the transfer:

  1. Click Submit Accommodations Request in the top right corner of the dashboard. A screen titled Before You Begin will open. Read the information provided, and click Continue to proceed.
  2. On the Student Details page, respond “Yes” to these two questions: “Has a Student Eligibility Form already been submitted for this student?” and “Is this a Transfer Student?”

    You will be asked for the student’s name, date of birth, and SSD Number, which you should obtain from the student.
  3. If the student is requesting different accommodations from those approved or is not receiving the approved accommodations at your school, new documentation is required for College Board review. Follow the directions above for changing accommodations.