Services for Students with Disabilities

Accommodations on College Board Exams

When to Request Accommodations

Before a student can take certain exams—PSAT/NMSQT, PSAT 10, SAT, or AP Exams—with accommodations, they must request the accommodations and be approved by College Board’s Services for Students with Disabilities.

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How to Request Accommodations

Requesting accommodations for College Board exams differs from the process used for school or state exams. So we’ll explain the dates and deadlines, how to submit documentation—and why it’s best to request accommodations through your school.

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About Accommodations

Read descriptions of frequently requested accommodations, such as extended time for reading and seeing accommodations.

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What Parents and Students Should Know

Understand the entire accommodations process—from when to start to how to help your student practice for the test.

How SSD Online Can Help

Learn about the online portal that makes requesting and managing accommodations faster and easier for SSD coordinators.

Accessing SSD Online

Learn how to register as an SSD coordinator and sign in to your SSD Online dashboard.

Submitting Requests

Discover the fastest and easiest way to submit requests and required documentation.

Managing Accommodations

Change a student’s accommodations, submit additional information, or add transfer students.

Get Extra Help

Find step-by-step guides for students and families, coordinators and schools, and evaluators—plus links to a calendar of dates and deadlines, forms, and frequently asked questions indexed by topic.