Tests of Fine-Motor/Visual-Motor Integration Skills

These tests can be used to document difficulty with visual-motor integration skills and fine-motor deficits, such as those that may be present in students diagnosed with dysgraphia or other types of learning or medical/physical disabilities. This list is not intended to be exhaustive:

  • Beery Buktenica Developmental Test of Visual Motor Integration
  • Bender Gestalt Test of Visual Motor Perception
  • Rey Complex Figure Test and Recognition Trial
  • Bruininks-Oseretsky Test of Motor Proficiency
  • Selected subtests from Wechsler cognitive assessment (WAIS or WISC), Woodcock-Johnson Cognitive and Academic assessments (WJ Cog/ WJ ACH), and a Developmental Neuropsychological Assessment (NEPSY)

Use of the current version of any of these assessments is recommended.



How to Provide Documentation

Learn the seven basic criteria for documentation and find documentation guidelines listed by accommodation and/or by disability.


Advice for Evaluators

What professionals need to know when they are asked to provide documentation in support of a student’s request for accommodations on a College Board exam.