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Each school’s primary SSD Coordinator is responsible for administering the SAT to students approved for school-based accommodations.

Administering the SAT with Accommodations

The SAT must be administered within the seven-day period that begins with the Saturday national test day (see Register for the SAT). The SSD Coordinator at the testing school determines the specific date, start time, and location within the school, and then notifies students. All students testing at the same school must begin on the same day.

Testing may begin on any day within the testing window, but it’s best to begin testing as early as possible so you can return the answer sheets promptly and allow for timely reporting of student scores. For the August administration, there is an alternate testing window in September for schools that cannot test in August.

All students who take the SAT with double time (+100%)  are tested at their school over two days. This is the two-day testing schedule: 

  • Day 1: Complete ID information and test sections 1–4. Test materials must be locked in a secure area overnight.
  • Day 2: Complete test sections 5–9. Be sure to give each student the same book and answer sheet they used on the first day.

Students who test over two days must complete the test within the 7-day testing window. The second testing day must be done on the next consecutive day within the window, with the exception of students who begin testing on Saturday; they may complete the test on Monday. 

On the Monday before each SAT test administration, SSD Coordinators receive an email listing all students with approved accommodations who will be testing at their school. Additionally, SSD Coordinators can access their NARs at any time through the SSD Online dashboard. They should check their NARs on a regular basis because new students may be included.

As close to test day as possible, SSD Coordinators should use SSD Online to print out a NAR with students' names and SSD Eligibility Codes pre-entered. This will be the final roster showing all students approved for school-based testing. This roster has to be returned with the answer sheets after testing is complete.

If you have a student approved for pre-recorded audio (MP3 via streaming) please be sure to test the streaming application well before test day, and contact SSD if there are any problems. The MP3 streaming application may be accessed from SSD Online. Please note that students using the pre-recorded audio (MP3 streaming) will test with 100% extended time, plus additional time for Writing and Language section.